A World of Endless Creativity and Innovation: “Quantum Thinking”​, AI and How Those Two Can Shape Our Lifes

The world reaches a point whereby just using your thought you can create amazing things.

Humans and machines collaborate and communicate with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Their interaction is something “out of this world”. Something that many futurists have dreamt about but ultimately seeing their vision coming into materilization, brings tears to their eyes.

The future seems bright and people engage with their environment like never before as AI has become an integral part of their everyday life.

Wherever you go, close-to-human-like behavior AI assistance, with voice support unbelievably real to-be-true, is available:

Ticket machines ✔️

Public sector assistance✔️

Commercial Stores ✔️

Food services (restaurants, diners, fast-food) ✔️

And the list goes on…you name it!

So, exquisitely trained AI systems have “infiltrated” the healthcare and biopharmaceutical/biotechnology sector, too.

In the healthcare sector they support doctors during crucial-to-take life-saving decisions with spectacular precision and in the biopharma/biotech sector they assist researchers by leading them to delicate bioinnovations like never seen before.

Surgeries, for example, have become extremely less stressful, well-informed, and controlled to their expected outcome, whereas protein engineering and the discovery of new-to-nature enzymes and chemical compounds is working like a breeze.

All that was needed is just “communicating” through deep mindfulness to the AI and telling it or imagining what they had in mind.

What a crazy world would that be, right?

All these by having developed some form of…let’s call it “quantum thinking”. A way of transmitting your mind’s intentions to the AI. No coding needed, no nothing, but only pure interaction with the ready-made user interface.

If someone is watching the series “His Dark Materials”, a beautiful BBC production, then I guess those people can grasp somewhat my train of thought and where I, eventually, want to lead yours, but let’s leave it for now. I should start my very own article series and introduce you to that particular world, or the world from my perspective.

But, to some of you what I say may seem very far from happening.

Hence, there are some special human beings in our world that are working hard to bring our reality closer to the one I have described.

Credit: Photoholgic from – A 3D protein structure representation

The inspiration for this article came from a company named AlephBot and its CTO, Chen Itzhaki, who I met during a presentation he did – and I was present – at the Technical University of Denmark. AlephBot aims to give real-time AI-powered guidance to optimize medical care, and for me is a “gem” that revolutionizes Israel’s healthcare industry.

Honestly, I was fascinated by what Mr. Itzhaki and the team at AlephBot are doing.

Equally, DeepMind with the AlphaFold team and its recent advancement of what shapes protein folding has given big hopes to not only the Life Sciences community, which members’ really desire to comprehend fully the relationship between amino-acid sequence and protein structure but also to software engineers and bioinformaticians who got frenzy about the discovery.

We have been stuck on this one problem – how do proteins fold up – for nearly 50 years. To see DeepMind produce a solution for this, having worked personally on this problem for so long and after so many stops and starts, wondering if we’d ever get there, is a very spcial moment.

Professor John Moult of the University of Maryland, CO-Founder and Chair of CASP

Thus, understanding proteins will play a special role in how we develop treatments for severe diseases or just how we find enzymes, switch or substitute their amino-acid sequences or domains and design an even more sustainable environment by means of synthetic biology and bioengineering.

Such incidents are the “feeding motivation” of the AI geeks!

We can clearly see that a “futuristic” world might not be something we watch only on sci-fi flicks like Iron Man and his spectacular AI assistant J.A.R.V.I.S ( a.k.a Just A Rather Very Intelligent System ).

This world is here and is going ahead at full tilt.

The main question is:

Are we ready to accept it or not?

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